Wednesday, August 15, 2007

balls & wieners!

Oh my gosh, funny funny funny!!!!! I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry was a great flick!! I giggled and giggled. I'm still giggling today when i think of "balls & wieners". Aside from the funny, it was a great story about two friends who would do anything for each other. And who doesn't love Kevin James? really!
In the past couple weeks I've also seen Knocked Up which was also very funny and had a great cast too. I'll be looking forward to Superbad when that comes around this way.
And finally the ever popular Die Hard or Live Free. When you've invested time in the first three Die Hard movies you can't just skip out on the latest one. I enjoyed this movie very much, and with a pg-13 rating we were able to take the kids along. I had forgotten how funny Bruce is and he did not let us down.

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