Friday, August 17, 2007

Iowa State Fair

I've lived in Iowa for 34 years (oh my gosh 34 years is a long time but that's a whole 'nother post) and I have never been to the Iowa State Fair, until last night! We cut out of work early and enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the fabulous Hu-Hot then we headed to Des Moines. We walked thru a couple of the building, got to see the award wining fruits & vegetables. I got to see the butter cow (I have no opinion on this, it's some body's form of art, who am I to criticize) and the huge sandcastle. We also got to see the photography exhibit, there were some amazing photos. I didn't realize they judged on photography, I'm marking this on my calendar for next year, just in case I shoot anything worth while between now and then, lol!
About 7:45pm after much "milling" around we headed to the grand stand for the concert. Tree63 opened, they are from South Africa and were great! I honestly had not heard them before but have since downloaded some of their stuff. Casting Crowns was incredible! The music was great, as is their message. Thank you to my friends for taking me a long, I had a wonderful time!!

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