Tuesday, August 28, 2007

modern convenience

Oh the wonders of modern convenience! How is it I made it more than three years with out a dishwasher? Isn't it just lovely? All shinny and black. Smooth across the top. Whisper quiet operation. My dishes come out cleaner than they've ever been. I think I'm in love... LOL!!! It's not completely done yet, it still needs to be trimmed out but the wood is there just waiting to be cut and stained, and at my house that is about as close to "done" as you can get!

The kids have been enjoying their school days, although they were out early again today due to the heat. Certainly it has to cool down eventually (it will cool down right before it snows. summer to winter!) We are doing lots of homework this year. I'm proud of them, they are getting it all done before dinner each night. We have school pictures already tomorrow (I'm envisioning pictures of sweaty little kids with heat flushed cheeks!). We signed Dan up for flag football today, it starts in September. He's excited about it, as am I. I was so looking forward to things settling down once school started, What was I thinking???!!!

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