Saturday, August 11, 2007

the sign of a good day!

When my craft room floor looks this messy you know it's been a good day! Denise, Raji, Jodi (& Claire) came over this morning for a day of scrapbooking. Why is it I didn't pick up my camera until after we were done and most had gone home? Typical. We got started around 9:30am and took a break around noon to walk downtown for lunch. We had a fabulous time. Denise got the most pages done, I think she ended up with 6 or 8!! Raji got a few done, I got none done, but I helped Jodi do her three. The one with the circles is going to be framed and given to her brother as a birthday gift. It turned out so nicely, I may have to do that with pictures of my kids!

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