Tuesday, September 11, 2007


When I look at this picture I hear the Village People singing in the background!!!!
May he always be confident enough to pull off a leopard skin cowboy hat and a red sports wrist band.

I suppose it won't be too much longer and Dan will not let Waverly sleep in his bed... Sarah just couldn't help but get into the middle.

This afternoon mom brought the kids into Waterloo for me as Waverly had an orthodontist appointment at 2:30pm. I had a baby shower to go to at 4:30pm and was just going to take Waverly with me. Mom was going to take Dan shopping and then home with her. But Dan told her that he thought he would just go with Waverly and me because since he was going to have babies some day, he should probably know what goes on at a baby shower. Is that the cutest thing ever? Dan loves babies. He held Hannah for quite a little bit, he was so comfortable with her.

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