Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween always goes so quickly! I even took off early today so that I could pick the kids up from school and get a jump on the costumes. As usual we had a great evening. With the delay of the day light savings change it was lighter than usual, I don't think we even got any trick or treaters at our house until after 5:30pm.

I caught this alien in my dirty kitchen trying to steal our candy!! Check out his hands, weird! (those handmade gloves were the highlight of Dan's Halloween).

I actually got to pass out candy this year for a little while. I let the kids walk around our neighborhood on their own. They thought that was a big thing!

Devil. Diva. They all start with a D, lol. She made a great little devil.

I think I've created a monster with those false eyelashes. She loves them. She wanted to leave them on, i had to insist that they come off. I did not tell her they are reusable or I'll be gluing those things on her every weekend!

My ever patient alien... he actually scared a lot of little trick or treaters this year with his costume. One little girl wouldn't come up to the door, so he lifted his mask so she could see he was just a boy. isn't that sweet! Now what shall we be next year?

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