Monday, October 29, 2007

sleepy sarah

My pooped pooch. This was Sunday afternoon. We had such a busy weekend, Sarah couldn't keep her eyes open. Normally I can't get this close without her rolling over because certainly I must want to rub her belly if I'm that close to her! She is a good dog. (update: sarah is a bad dog. she just got in trouble for putting her head in the litter box. what the hell is wrong with that dog!)

Katie update:
Kate is holding her own. I think the shots on Friday gave her a boost and she felt really good that evening (I was so thrilled to see her eating so spontaneously). Sunday and today she's back to being pretty low key. Still more alert than she was late last week, but I don't think she's out of the woods yet. We've thrown away all the food that was in the house and bought new, they both much prefer the regular old Purina to the science diet though... so we'll see how this week goes and keep giving her her meds (which she hates). I don't think you're suppose to pray for animals but at least keep her in your thoughts, she's a darn good cat.

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