Sunday, October 28, 2007

You don't know what you've lost until it's gone...(cliché but true!)

I'm mourning a loss right now. It's kind of a delayed reaction I guess. I would have thought I'd have felt it sooner (maybe it's PMS bringing my feelings to the top). I must admit though it's not as bad as it could be. I was protected some what, not completely but at least I wasn't left totally vulnerable and hurting. (I didn't cry too much) Right now I'm mostly feeling the pain of having to start again. It comes down to trust (doesn't everything?) and it will be hard to trust again. You would think I would learn, it's not like is the first time things have gone down the crapper. Not the first time I've felt betrayed and cheated on.

So as I build this new "relationship" I need to remember that I am in control not the other way around, (not this time!) I will keep my walls up, keep myself protected. I will not get so giddy and caught up in it this time. I can be happy without be reckless.


ok I digress... yesterday was my Tastefully Simple Party. What a blast!! Thank you to everyone who came and thanks to Brenda! I'm excited to get my order now! (all though I have a few bites of Nana's apple cake left for today!!) I realized when I downloaded my pictures last night that I got no shots of the great group of gals at the table. All of my pictures have babies in them! Tom had those boys memorized that's for sure.

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