Friday, November 23, 2007

Santa's coming!

Brrrrr!!! I'm still thawing out! It was cold tonight but we bundled up and headed out into the frigged night to see the lights and Santa in Grundy. We had some hot chocolate at GNB, shopped a few stores (i found another four pane window for $10.99!!! you should have seen how excited Tom was that we found it,(not really)) and then headed back to Jodi's for soup and rolls.

I think Waverly said she asked for world peace, that's my girl!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fired up. Ready to go.

What great kids I have! We got to Grundy early and had to sit and wait for an hour. They were very patient and did not complain at all (surprisingly no one had to use the bathroom and by no one i mean Wav!)

Barack was awesome. I'm very glad that we got the chance to hear him speak. He touched on a lot of different issues (although Kevin can argue the opposition of any of them, that must be were I get it from, lol!!!) He is certainly a strong candidate.

The arrows show Dan, me & mom. Wav was between mom and I but you can't see her. We were in the 2nd row.

Left overs

i woke up this morning starving! Thankfully there were left overs so I was able to have a fabulous breakfast. Nothing like Nathan's beans before church! LOL!!!!!!

I was excited Friday night to finally have time to get my Uppercase living items up. "Home" went above the doorway in my kitchen. "Welcome" is of course on my front door. And "A laugh" I put on a frame that I picked up at Target. I love the way the shadow shows on the wall behind it. I love this stuff! I can see the catalog peaking out at me now, what else do it need?!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I missed it.

Here is my one and only autumn leaf picture. How did I miss it? What was I doing that was so much more important than getting out to see the leaves change? I wanted to capture my ginkgo tree dropping this year: missed it (well i did get a before picture but not an after so what's the point). I wanted to drive to the river and look at the leaves (and peruse all those cute little shops): missed it. Oh well, there's always next year. From the feel of it outside I should be able to get some snow shots pretty soon, brrrr! lol!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Miracle on Main

Friday night was the annual Miracle on Main celebration in Reinbeck. It was a lovely evening for it and our sidewalk looked so festive with the candles. But I must admit that I did not make it down town. We ended up at Mom's for dinner and that was about as far as I made it. I took this picture Friday night, I thought it was interesting.. I'm in the processes of going through all of the pictures that I took on Saturday and hope to get them up on my blog soon. It was a very productive Saturday, to say the least! I'm not feeling terribly motivated today though. Seems like it would be a good afternoon to curl up on the couch with a book.. maybe that's what I'll do! Happy Sunday....

Friday, November 9, 2007

Random thoughts...

So I'm driving to work the other morning. I'm listening to Ani: Canon- disk 2 on my ipod (which I've been obsessively listening to for about a week now (I know, it's no surprise)) and I can feel that I'm smiling. And it dawns on me that I've felt that a lot lately. That feeling of air on your teeth, you know a really big smile, one that just makes your face feel good.

It's certainly not that it's all that unusual for me to be smiling, not lately anyway, but it was just kind of odd considering I was all alone. And Canon disk 2 isn't necessarily filled with feel-good-make-you-happy-tunes. And it got me to thinking about being happy. I wonder if maybe my current inner contentment is some kind of spiritual reward. I'd like to think that. A reward so to speak for the choices I've made.

It seems that people are always asking God for a sign, a confirmation of something. I've done it myself. But how often do we actually pay attention? How often are the signs He sends us so subtle that we miss them?
I know that there are people in my life who specifically contribute to my happiness. And I'm much more grateful than I think I've ever been. It's the chicken & the egg thing. So is all of that because I'm happier or am I happier because of all of that?

Just a thought. Be grateful. Be happy. And watch for your sign.


We spent Wednesday evening at Jodi and Claire's helping Claire frost her birthday cookies. This is another one of those firsts for my kids. They had never frosted cut out cookies (I know, bad mommy). Oh they had so much fun! They got a little crazy on some of them but for the most part the cookies were beautiful.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Photo anyone?

I had a busy day Saturday. Thankfully the weather, though cold, was beautiful!!
Tom & Kevin managed to get the roof replaced over the back room yesterday. That means we can start to finish that project (after two years of "demolition"). Oh how I'm looking forward to having my computer room again. And hopefully we'll be able to build a dedicated space for the mat cutter and some freshly painted walls (get your brushes ready Jodi & Tami) for photos to hang and task lighting!!! A girl can dream can't she?