Friday, November 9, 2007

Random thoughts...

So I'm driving to work the other morning. I'm listening to Ani: Canon- disk 2 on my ipod (which I've been obsessively listening to for about a week now (I know, it's no surprise)) and I can feel that I'm smiling. And it dawns on me that I've felt that a lot lately. That feeling of air on your teeth, you know a really big smile, one that just makes your face feel good.

It's certainly not that it's all that unusual for me to be smiling, not lately anyway, but it was just kind of odd considering I was all alone. And Canon disk 2 isn't necessarily filled with feel-good-make-you-happy-tunes. And it got me to thinking about being happy. I wonder if maybe my current inner contentment is some kind of spiritual reward. I'd like to think that. A reward so to speak for the choices I've made.

It seems that people are always asking God for a sign, a confirmation of something. I've done it myself. But how often do we actually pay attention? How often are the signs He sends us so subtle that we miss them?
I know that there are people in my life who specifically contribute to my happiness. And I'm much more grateful than I think I've ever been. It's the chicken & the egg thing. So is all of that because I'm happier or am I happier because of all of that?

Just a thought. Be grateful. Be happy. And watch for your sign.

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Anonymous said...

I can sure learn a lot from you. You are so right about the signs from God…they can be so subtle, but when you realize them, WOW…how profound and what an awesome (and practically indescribable) feeling!! Keep up on the photos…they are awesome!!