Tuesday, December 4, 2007

delightfully tacky!

I just dreaded putting up our tree this year. There are eighty hundred pieces to it. It takes forever to get the branches all sorted and figure out, again which color goes on first. I always lose my tempter mid way through and swear I'm never putting it up again... I had actually resolved not to put up a tree this year... then I came across this adorable little white tree on Jordan Krogman's blog. And I thought, I could do that! I would have said I'm not a "white" tree person, but for some reason it just looked right, except that I wanted colored lights. Then this morning Tami emails me pictures of her new tree and it's exactly what I want, colored lights and everything!!! I couldn't wait to leave at lunch and go get my perfect tree!!!! It went up so quickly and easily, i love it!! The kids and I sorted through all of our ornaments and hung up what seemed appropriate. I still think it's slightly tacky but i love it.

In addition to my Christmas decorating stress, I've been feeling Holiday Card stress as well. Here are a few of the cards I've made in the past few weeks. None of which I'm thrilled with, or want to make a lot of.. So I'm still working on that little project. Oh and I don't have a picture of the kids yet either.. maybe I should do Valentines cards instead of Christmas cards (worked for Heidi one year!!)

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