Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the immoral minority

From: rach
Date: Thursday, January 03, 2008 10:59pm
To: Dale
Subject: 1-3-08

now i can't wait until next tuesday!!!!! oh my gosh how exciting!!! tonight was so cool! check out dan's cool shirt on my blog. he's made friends with our grundy county Obama rep. Matt brought him this cool shirt last week.
what do you think about Huckabee?

From: Dale
Date: Friday, January 04, 2008 12:15pm
To: rach
Subject: Re: 1-3-08

Congratulations, you sound excited (you used the word "cool" three
times). I watched some of the caucusing on CSPAN last night, it seemed
a little confused (both parties) but is a good system to get the average
people more involved in the process (no matter how misguided their party
is....:) ). I didn't really hear or read how much bigger the turnout
was over other years, just that there were a lot of first-timers.
My thoughts on Huckabee are he seems to be very personable and probably
a good person, but I don't think he will stand a chance nationally, too
bad. I do get tired of the 'talking heads' and their rationalizing the
process.. what is an 'evangelical' voter? and how do they differ from
the 'moral majority' or 'Christian conservatives' ? Are they just the
opposite of the 'Jewish liberals' or the 'immoral minority' ???? And
what makes Obama 'black', his appearance? Certainly not his mother. I
guess with his father coming from Kenya and his mother from the USA he
could more accurately be called African/American than most of the
people who claim this origin. Why does the race, religion and sex, of a
candidate have to be such an important factor to be considered? I my
opinion a persons' stand on issues and intentions and ideas on governing
should be most important. I think there are more pressing issues facing
our country than abortion, and some people being richer than others, and
someone who has made some bad decisions in their lives (sometimes over
and over) that feel they should be bailed out by those who have made the
same decisions, but learned from them. etc.
Well enough of ranting... Good luck with Barack. I'm sure he's
pissed off Hilary and 'Pretty Boy' John Edwards, so stand-by for some
real nasty shit....

PS: I love options that are given by 'spellcheckers" Suggestions for
'Huckabee' "chickadee, cockateel, kickable, lockable, mockable,
shockable, buckaroo, and buccaneer".. I would have thought this was done
by the Liberals until I got the suggestions for 'Obama".... "drama,
omaha, osaka ,aramaic, abysmal, adamant, batman(?), abase, abate,

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