Saturday, February 16, 2008

Technologically Greedy

First I must share a couple pictures from today....

I went to Heidi's this morning to assist her in getting her blog up and running and of course I had my camera with me! J is a ham, such a happy little boy. C was busy playing and did a great job of keeping his head down and his back to me, lol! Although he did look my way once. I kindly asked if I could come back and take pictures again some time and he did agree, so I must not have been all bad, lol!! I ran through the blogspot basics with Heidi & Natalie. I have a link to Natalie's blog already on the side, but I'm still waiting to get the address to Heidi's. When I left I think I heard her say she was going to get something posted tonight yet, so I wait.

I was talking with a friend this week, to protect her identity we'll call her Toni P. She was struggling with her new cell phone. She was having trouble getting it to recognize the memory card she had installed so that she could add music to it and use it like a MP3 player. She also wanted to be able to add pictures from her pc. She was frustrated when her text messages were coming through without the correct photo/name assignments, rather they just had some random number assigned to them. No wait that's not quite right, it was the senders phone number that was showing, which was totally useless in identifying the sender of the text because of course none of us memorize phone numbers any more. Poor media com got to hear her serenade her dog, whom we'll call Lucky, because she hadn't actually hung up the phone due to "slider confusion". I believe the last time we talked she was going to march over to our local cellular whore and demand a new phone that could handle all of her needs (and while there she hopefully would not have to deal with the associate that got into the fight with the cougar, i digress...). I told her I thought she was technologically greedy. Expecting this innocent little phone to perform all of these function! But people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I too expect a lot from my electronic gadgets. Are we expecting too much? How much more can a phone do? Do you remember your first cell phone? Mine was huge, it weighed like 5 lbs and you really couldn't even afford to use it. All it did was send and received analog phone calls, and not very well I must add!
I do hope Toni's phone issue gets resolved and I have faith that it will. It will be interesting to see where we go from here. What more will they pack into those tiny phones.

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