Thursday, February 28, 2008

I see London, I see France, I see Rachael's...

This is how my day began. I wore my favorite jeans, granted I knew they had a little tiny wear hole by the back pocket, little tiny I tell you! Anyway about 9am I'm standing at Toni's desk (I love using her new alias!!) talking about something, work related I'm certain and as I turn to walk away, she's like "oh no". Low and behold my tiny little hole had grown into this gapping slit in the rear of my jeans. So at 9:05 am I'm taking my "lunch" and making a mad dash to target. Thankfully I was able to find a new pair of jeans, not exactly the right size but I'll try to shrink them up a little in the wash and they'll be fine. Hell as long as they covered my ass I was happy!
So back to work I go. The rest of the day was rather uneventful. It started to snow (again) mid afternoon. I was not leaving early. No matter what mother nature dumped on us. So at 4pm I leave the building. My car really only has snow built up on the driver side, I warm it up and start looking for my scraper. You know my nice winter ice scraper that should be in my car from October until April. Gone. It's gone. I go so far as to get out and look in the trunk. No scraper. So I wait for my wipers and the heater to clear the crusty windows.
I get on highway 20 and it isn't terrible, it's slick but I was able to go 50mph. I have to run to UPS in Cedar Falls so I'm detouring a little this afternoon but what I had to pick up was worth the trip. I finally get on my way home down Hudson road. It's terrible, we're going 30mph, then 20mph, then 10 mph. Some moron is literally going 10 mph and we are all having to take turns passing him. I finally get through Hudson onto highway 63. Ok now is really bad. The road is mostly covered and slippery but we maintain about 35-40mph. Visibility is bad but I'm trudging along. I get to highway 175, the last 7 miles of my trip. This is insane. Granted I've only been commuting for 4 years but this is the worst winter driving I've ever experience. The drifts along the road that are at least two feet taller than my car are blowing snow down on to the road and onto my windshield. This road hasn't seen a plow in a while (not that it would have matter). The drifts, which cover 75% of this road, are so deep that it's bumping up against the bottom of my car. You can't see because everything is white. I look like an idiot because I keep blinking and opening my eyes really widely thinking that will help, duh! I'm going 25mph. I'm afraid to slow down any more because the snow on the road is so deep I'm afraid I'll get stuck. I try staying more towards the center when there is no oncoming traffic but even that doesn't help. By the time I get to town, of course it clears up a little and I start to relax. Then I see the truck ahead of me swerve sharply and I remember that I have to maneuver through the "pot hole obstacle course". Anyone from out of town would probably think we were all drinking the way you have to swerve around the gargantuan pot holes. Finally I get to mom's. I want to jump out of my car and high five someone. I just made it through an incredible driving experience. I want a t-shirt that says "I survived the Feb 2008 commute!".
Thankfully violin lessons were canceled so we didn't have to feel guilty about not going back to Cedar Falls. However that also forced us to cancel our Hu Hott dinner with Tami (which I am very sad about). So here the three of us sit. We've been coloring and playing on line. Tom called, sounds like he is having a lovely time. He said something about it being 80 degrees in Phoenix today... that's all I have to say about that. I'm being called to the stage now, it's guitar hero time baby!!! I've got to rock n' roll!

One more shot before I leave you... my little greasy Dan, I can't wait until he wants to shower!!!

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