Monday, March 31, 2008


Well they had "the talk" today at school. I knew it was coming. There was a letter sent home a week or so ago about it, to warn us parents that it would probably generate some questions. Gee thanks. As if we don't talk about it enough already. It had already been delayed a few days because Coach had the flu.
Dan didn't seem to think any of what was discussed was new information (so at least I feel like I'm doing my job here at home). They talked mostly about hygiene and why you should wear briefs instead of boxers (if you don't know email me and I'll elaborate) and they all got a stick of old spice red zone deodorant (which he hasn't put down since we got home). I was laughing because after he put it on he raised up his arm & shirt so I could smell it and he said "well mom it's the first step towards being a man" and he walked away from me!

Tomorrow I envision you will be able to smell your way to the 4th grade room. There will be a room full of proud little 10 year old boys all sporting their old spice.

I had to add this, he just said to me "mom you'd better get use to the smell of old spice because after tomorrow all the ladies will want me because i'll smell good." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Challenge complete

I love a challenge! Especially a creative challenge. Early in the month Heidi challenged Natalie and I to start working on our tag books. I can't remember if I was supposed to have two done or three so I did three just to be on the safe side. Honestly I don't think I've read the whole book (the Big Picture by Stacy Julien) so I hope I'm doing it right. I know some where I saw something about this book being a representation of my "personal mission statement". Personally, that sounds a little too corporate for my taste and I like to keep big business out of my creativity, lol! So I'm just going to do this little project the way I want to (just like I do pretty much everything else, lol!)
I picked three easy topics to start with.

Color: Well I figured black would be boring so I picked my 2nd fav, PINK!!! And I got to use those great Heidi Swapp ghost letters and my MM paint (by the way that paint dries super fast) and of course all of the pink do-dads I could round up (not hard to do!)

Music: This was kind of a blog steal. I just copied my top 25 plays from itunes and added a little bling!
Home: I love this picture of our house and how it shows the whole corner. However, it's left me wanting for green grass and leafy trees!!
TADA!!! I'm done, challenge met with at least 24hours to spare.

We had a busy weekend. The kids went to Minneapolis with my folks to a book signing (there'll be more to come on that). And I got to attend a wedding with Lisa. I have a new appreciation for how much hard work goes into being a wedding photographer [as do my feet]. Lisa does an amazing job! I was in awe of how she gets it all done. Oh I have so much to learn!! Can't wait for the next one!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My new favorite t-shirt

Check me out!! It never ceases to amaze me what treasures come through interoffice mail at work! My dear friend Nanci sent me this great t-shirt! I hear it's a favorite hang out of hers, lol!!! I love it! We'll see where all The Trappe t-shirt travels this summer!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Not goals but rather aspirations. I don't like goals. It's such a GMAC thing I think maybe I'm just burned on them, lol! My 2008 scrapbooking aspirations are to utilize 8.5x11 one page layouts (that is so Cathy Z. isn't it!). So far I'm on a role! Now this is aside from my slice of life book which is 9x9 and my tag book that I've been challenged to finish (i love deadlines!!).

I've been reading a little about 365 challenges. One gal is taking a self portrait every day for a year. Wow. I don't think i like myself that much. I don't think I have that much time because come on girls, how many pictures do you have to take of yourself to get even one that is acceptable to your discerning eye? like 50 right! So that's out. and I love to use my camera, probably more than the average girl, but i think 365 is just too much for me.

Cathy Z has been posting her 12 on the 12th pages. I might be able to do that and they are super cute but again if the 12th falls on like a Monday or Thursday I'm screwed because there are not enough hours in my day to get 12 pictures of even ordinary things.

At this point I'm just happy that I'm getting some pages done again. And I have a little pile of pictures just waiting for me.....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Baptisms

Dan & I went to Hudson to church this morning for M & A's baptism. Those little boys are growing up so fast! (do I always say that? lol)

Christ has risen!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

retail therapy

Well duh, the answer to my winter blahs was right there in my "favorites" all along! I went to my favorite things, papertrey (Natalie & I are waiting for you Heidi!) and b&h (oh yeah!). Now I'm off to little miss mismatched so I can have cute feet like Cathy Z. Online shopping rule!!!!!

random tuesday

It must be the weather, right? No sunshine or at least very little. I feel like I'm in this creative void. Thankfully I have some things coming up that should get me going. Two of my favorite little boys (they are not babies any more!) are getting baptized on Sunday! And then a week from Saturday I get to work with Lisa at a wedding (my first!). I just want things to get moving, let's get through all of this crappy, gray, wet weather and bring on the sun shine!!! I'm excitedly scheduling pictures with friends for April & May in hopes of good weather! Don't let me down Mother Nature!
Here are a couple random shots from tonight.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Hope your day is great!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just another day in the mortgage industry!

Bomb Threat Forces GMAC to Evacuate in Waterloo
A bomb threat forces a major eastern Iowa employer to evacuate. It happened Friday afternoon at GMAC Mortgage on Hammond Avenue in Waterloo. No one was hurt. No arrests have been made.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My new friend C

I made a new friend on Saturday morning. What a sweet little girl.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shari: off the court

Oh my gosh what a fun Friday night! Shari came over about 6:30pm to hang out with me and my crazy family. We had Papa Murphy's for dinner (which is sounding really good right about now again!) and then Dan & I taught her the finer points of Guitar Hero (she was rockin!). Then of course we had to get her on the Wii. She was pro (no surprise). Here she is, technically "on court" playing a little tennis. She also over achieved at golf, I don't know something about setting a couple records, whatever, lol!!

At dinner Waverly was telling Shari about how she'd like to be a nurse (like Shari is) when she grows up. How she likes to take care of people and how she is going to live here and take care of us when we are old and having to use wheelchairs (like 10-15 years from now she thought!)

Waverly to Shari: When i grow up I'm going to live here and take care of my mommy and daddy. [pause, you could just see the wheels turning] Since you're not married I can take care of you too if you want! (out of the mouth of babes!)
Now honestly, is that not the sweetest offer ever? That's my girl. Always thinking about the other person. We laughed, I think Shari is considering her offer.

When the question was posed to Dan he was very nonchalant about it.
Shari to Dan: What are you going to do Dan?
Dan: Live in my mansion and sit out by my pool.
Shari: Are you going to work.
Dan: nope (through a mouth full of pizza)
Tom: then how are you going to afford your mansion
Dan: I'll just keep looking around here. Saving the money I find in the couch and by the dryer.

At which point I was taking a drink and water about shot out my nose I was laughing so hard. I wish him luck but am hoping he finds something a little more lucrative!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday 3 Play

This is a straight up Cathy Zielske scraplift. But she is my scrapbook idol. She is very much my style! I used MS ref sans font on the title and good old century gothic on the journaling

Here's my Slice of Life page for March! Am I timely or what??!! I mixed it up this month and used a fun Autumn leaves date stamp. I also used my recently downloaded CK Ali's writing font

Poor, Tolerant Sarah

It's as though she is saying "why mommy? why is she chewing on my leg?"

"Why is she biting my neck?"

No more 3 day weekends!

Who would have thought I'd be tired of 3 days weekends. I tried, I tried really hard to get to work today. Just when I think I've driven in the worst of it (last week) mother nature tops herself again! I made it a few miles down the road before it became impassable and I had to turn around. So the kids and I will make the most of our time together, again today!

I had a great Saturday. Joan came over in the morning and we worked on some camera & Photoshop stuff. We always have such nice visits. Then Denise & the boys came over for lunch. Oh those boys are growing so fast!

They kindly ate my grilled cheese without any complaints!


Tom got home about 4:30 on Saturday, it was great to have him home. Sounded like he had a great time and learned a lot. He was driving like a crazy man that evening on our way to Waterloo. We all went to see Vantage Point. What a great movie, granted you see the same scene over and over from the different perspectives but I liked the way they put it all together at the end. Oh it was good!

Sunday was a lazy day, we got to sleep in and relax. I'm embarrassed to admit how many hours I spent working on my photos. I've officially graduated to Photoshop CS3, so thought it was time to reorganized my photos. Not to mention I hadn't done anything since I had to reinstall them all after my re-image last fall. Now they are all in order and that makes me feel better!

I had considered trying to get into work this afternoon but now I hear that there is a police man blocking the road out of town, they have officially shut it down. So I guess we are in for all day!