Sunday, March 30, 2008

Challenge complete

I love a challenge! Especially a creative challenge. Early in the month Heidi challenged Natalie and I to start working on our tag books. I can't remember if I was supposed to have two done or three so I did three just to be on the safe side. Honestly I don't think I've read the whole book (the Big Picture by Stacy Julien) so I hope I'm doing it right. I know some where I saw something about this book being a representation of my "personal mission statement". Personally, that sounds a little too corporate for my taste and I like to keep big business out of my creativity, lol! So I'm just going to do this little project the way I want to (just like I do pretty much everything else, lol!)
I picked three easy topics to start with.

Color: Well I figured black would be boring so I picked my 2nd fav, PINK!!! And I got to use those great Heidi Swapp ghost letters and my MM paint (by the way that paint dries super fast) and of course all of the pink do-dads I could round up (not hard to do!)

Music: This was kind of a blog steal. I just copied my top 25 plays from itunes and added a little bling!
Home: I love this picture of our house and how it shows the whole corner. However, it's left me wanting for green grass and leafy trees!!
TADA!!! I'm done, challenge met with at least 24hours to spare.

We had a busy weekend. The kids went to Minneapolis with my folks to a book signing (there'll be more to come on that). And I got to attend a wedding with Lisa. I have a new appreciation for how much hard work goes into being a wedding photographer [as do my feet]. Lisa does an amazing job! I was in awe of how she gets it all done. Oh I have so much to learn!! Can't wait for the next one!

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