Monday, March 31, 2008


Well they had "the talk" today at school. I knew it was coming. There was a letter sent home a week or so ago about it, to warn us parents that it would probably generate some questions. Gee thanks. As if we don't talk about it enough already. It had already been delayed a few days because Coach had the flu.
Dan didn't seem to think any of what was discussed was new information (so at least I feel like I'm doing my job here at home). They talked mostly about hygiene and why you should wear briefs instead of boxers (if you don't know email me and I'll elaborate) and they all got a stick of old spice red zone deodorant (which he hasn't put down since we got home). I was laughing because after he put it on he raised up his arm & shirt so I could smell it and he said "well mom it's the first step towards being a man" and he walked away from me!

Tomorrow I envision you will be able to smell your way to the 4th grade room. There will be a room full of proud little 10 year old boys all sporting their old spice.

I had to add this, he just said to me "mom you'd better get use to the smell of old spice because after tomorrow all the ladies will want me because i'll smell good." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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