Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shari: off the court

Oh my gosh what a fun Friday night! Shari came over about 6:30pm to hang out with me and my crazy family. We had Papa Murphy's for dinner (which is sounding really good right about now again!) and then Dan & I taught her the finer points of Guitar Hero (she was rockin!). Then of course we had to get her on the Wii. She was pro (no surprise). Here she is, technically "on court" playing a little tennis. She also over achieved at golf, I don't know something about setting a couple records, whatever, lol!!

At dinner Waverly was telling Shari about how she'd like to be a nurse (like Shari is) when she grows up. How she likes to take care of people and how she is going to live here and take care of us when we are old and having to use wheelchairs (like 10-15 years from now she thought!)

Waverly to Shari: When i grow up I'm going to live here and take care of my mommy and daddy. [pause, you could just see the wheels turning] Since you're not married I can take care of you too if you want! (out of the mouth of babes!)
Now honestly, is that not the sweetest offer ever? That's my girl. Always thinking about the other person. We laughed, I think Shari is considering her offer.

When the question was posed to Dan he was very nonchalant about it.
Shari to Dan: What are you going to do Dan?
Dan: Live in my mansion and sit out by my pool.
Shari: Are you going to work.
Dan: nope (through a mouth full of pizza)
Tom: then how are you going to afford your mansion
Dan: I'll just keep looking around here. Saving the money I find in the couch and by the dryer.

At which point I was taking a drink and water about shot out my nose I was laughing so hard. I wish him luck but am hoping he finds something a little more lucrative!

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