Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2nd Grade Play

Waverly was the Narrator for her class production of "The Kankan Tree". She looked absolutely lovely and did a fantastic job! She spoke very clearly and concisely!!! We are very very proud of her.

Dan has a new fascination with our camcorder. Heck I'm just glad it's getting some use again. Tom & I sat in the third row and Grandma sat right behind us. Dan realized that he couldn't really get a good angle so he stepped to the back so he could shoot standing up. This is what I found when I went to watch the tape. Granted this scene comes up after about 5 minutes of him filming the cat at home.

Copy write 2008 Dan Robinett: DR Films
I love it when he say "ridiculous".


Anonymous said...

Nice video!!
from Kelly

Anonymous said...

first of all the cat thing was just
practice. it would have used up
less film if waverly didn't dink
around and get in my way when i was filming. second of all i was
reviwing how to open it, how to turn it on, how to zomm in, and how to zoom out. i did get a little crazy becouse there was an outlet in the middle of thier
''forest'',and were in the world is there an outlet in the middle of a forest. dan robinett