Sunday, April 13, 2008

Amber all the way baby!

The kids and I headed over to Grundy tonight to see Horton Hears a Who. It was great! On the way over Wav mentioned that tonight was the final episode of Rock of Love (we don't watch regularly but have caught a few shows). We were slightly bummed that we were going to miss it but figured we'd catch it on re run. When we got home Dan jumped online to see if he could find out who won. He was looking on the guide on line and said:
"what would it be under? like comedy, educational, drama. Oh i bet that's it, drama" Oh he's so smart!!!! At 9:20 we realize it's still on so of course go running to the tv room to catch the very last bit of it. I knew Amber was going to win, she was the only "normal" one there and I use that term loosely. I got tired of trying to understand Daisy through her collagen thick lips and that fact that her false eyelashes seemed to be holding down her eyelids was just distracting. We'll see how long Brett & Amber make it.

I got to do a little scrapbooking this weekend. Here's Sarah keeping me company.

These pages are from my trip to Des Moines Thursday. Oh we had a great time!! I had to steal all the Cirque Du Soleil pictures off the internet as they did not allow cameras into the show. And of course the fun picture of Shari & I in front of the capital. Gotta love the self timer feature on my little camera!

And here is my April Slice of Life page. I LOVE it!! I only had one piece of that plaid paper so I had to go out and pick some more up on friday. The journaling and photo were all done on photoshop so my page is beautifully flat! this is by far my favorite SOL page so far. I picked up the cute little plate holder with the stars, that you see in this picture, at Coach House Gifts in Valley West Mall.
Off to do more laundry before I head to bed. Hard to believe the weekend is over already.....

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