Friday, April 18, 2008

April Showers....whatever.

I made these great frozen fruit treats today (thanks Natalie!!). Don't they just look like something you should eat on a hot sunny summer afternoon? That definitely does not describe today in Iowa. Rain Rain & more Rain! We all suffered through the long sunless winter, now we seem to be battling through a sunless spring too... eventually it must stop... right? Until then I guess I'll be getting my rays from Tan world!!
We finished up shopping for Waverly's birthday today and we got her cake order (oh she is just going to go crazy when she sees it!) now I need to get her gifts wrapped while she is at Grandmas. They are taking their annual "birthday" shopping trip tomorrow. Funny I still came home with two kids though, lol! Speaking of which I'd better go feed them! Happy Friday!

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