Sunday, April 6, 2008

Never a Dull Moment!

Never let it be said that the Robinett's are sedentary and dull! We've had another fun filled weekend. The boys had Saturday to themselves and from the sounds of it had a great day. They went to the arcade and down to the range to shoot and then to a movie. Wav & I went to Coralville with Jodi, Claire & Maxine. It was an early birthday shopping trip for Waverly. She thoroughly enjoyed our time at Build a Bear (as did I). And we left with a very nice limited edition WWF cheetah who was dressed for the day! Wav & I shopped around and found a few more things we couldn't live without (she was so patient while I tried on clothes & quick with an "oh you look great mommy!"). Then we sat and had some ice cream and of course she had to ride the carousel. That's where it hit me. How many more years would she want to ride the carousel? Would this be her last year for build a bear? How can she be eight already? Everybody say they grow up so fast, but it's true. So I need to cherish these moments. While she is still little, and still thinks I'm the coolest person she knows.

A friend of mine commented on a picture of Waverly that I had posted earlier in the week, she said Waverly was very photogenic. Indeed true, but the poor girl never had a chance did she? I realized how tolerant of me she is yesterday. We were sitting on a bench just waiting and I was of course trying to get a photo of her and I'm telling her "put your arm like this. tilt your chin down. look over my shoulder. sit up straight." all of which she did just as I instructed her to. What a good girl.

Today we got to see Tom's friend Kevin race his car over in Waterloo. I know nothing about the specifics of these types of cars or racing but it was fun to get some pictures. I'm hoping next time they are in town it's a little warmer outside.

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Anonymous said...

Had to tell you I so enjoyed your story about your posing of your daughter! Brings back memories - analog ones! Love your work and will be checking here ofter. Hope you don't mind I linked you at my blog. Also I'm glad you were happy with my comment on your "hero" page.