Saturday, April 26, 2008

you know what i love?

My kids. They have been so stinking good today! We all went to Lone Star for lunch today with a big group of friends. They were so well behaved and pleasant, even I was impressed. After we got home I went upstairs to read my book (well I may have had my eyes shut for a little bit) and Tom went out to the shop to work on his moms Durango. Late in the afternoon I hear Tom yell up the steps to Wav and ask if she wants to go along with him for a test drive in the Durango .
She immediately replied "Can Dan go?"
Tom said "no only one of you can go"
Wav said "just a sec" and she ran into Dan's room where they had been playing for the past three hours (I kid you not, at least three hours of healthy, cooperative, interactive actual playing (not video games)) and said
"Dan do you want to go for a ride with dad. Only one of us can go?"
he said "no you go."
This warmed my heart, (a) that the first thing she thought of was sharing her good fortune with her brother and (b) that he conceded to let her go without so much as an attitude. Now if they could just get along like that all the time, lol!! oh heck I'd settle for just on the weekends. I love it when they amaze me with their kindness and their generosity, makes me feel like Tom & I are doing something right. Raising good decent human beings. Can't ask for much more than that.

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