Monday, May 26, 2008

Fair weather photos??

We braved it. Mostly because at that moment we were oblivious to the destruction that was going on mere miles away. The footage of what is left of Parkersburg make me nauseous. Our hearts go out to our friends & family that have been impacted by this terrible storm. We spent a good hour in the basement ourselves last night after we battened down the hatches here at home. We were laying in bed about 11:30pm watching the news when they announced that the tornado was being classified as an F4. Only one step below an F5, the finger of God.
I felt very thankful this morning as I went around the house plugging everything back in, thankful that I still had a home. That our school still stands unlike our neighbors in Parkersburg.

But prior to all of that I was able to meet up with the Sljivo's and capture some great photos of their beautiful family. Tarik has grown by leaps and bounds! He was just an infant the last time I saw him. And Keno, ever the wild man, couldn't even be bribed with m&m's, lol, we did managed to get his attention once in awhile though. We worked quickly as the mosquitoes were in full force & managed to escape with just a few bites. Thanks to Denise for coming along and helping out!!!

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