Thursday, May 22, 2008

hu hot, tin foil & ben franklin

My buddy Tami & I try to hit Hu Hot once a month. We plan it & then look forward to it for days. This time around we invited a friend of ours along. To protect her identity we'll call her Jenny V.(that and i think she was looking forward to getting an alias, lol). The poor waitress tried in the worst way to get Jenny V. to eat something other than chicken strips. We walked her through the whole glorious Hu Hot process, trying to entice her with succulent beef, fresh veggies and tantalizing sauces. We even let her eat from our plates, but alas Jenny V. ordered the chicken strips.

I have to comment on what a great sense of humor my friend Brandon has. He is the lone male in our department and we give him enormous amounts of grief. Poor Brandon was out sick last Friday, which happened to also be late charge day... He paid for it come Monday morning.... Come to think of it, it sorta makes me not want to take a day off, lol!

And most recently we attended the Celebration of Learning at Reinbeck Elementary where the students in Eagle got to display their notable individual projects. Dan's display board was great! He was very proud of it and we all learned a lot about Benjamin Franklin. Way to go Dan!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to the photos at the top, I now have an intense craving for chicken strips and Chinese food!
Also, Dan did an excellent job on his Ben Franklin project. Perhaps he would be interested to check out Franklin's new Sampa site. It is a lot of fun for Franklin fans.