Friday, May 23, 2008

practically perfect

fyi check out karen russells post on Adobe RGB vs sRGB. it's very good advice, like Karen would give bad advice, lol!

Anyway... I had the best day today! Although I was a little bummed when I heard thunder before I even opened my eyes. Everything just sort of fell into place today (and none of it was scheduled, imagine that!). Initially I was a little over whelmed by my "to do list" but I was surprised that I was able to get most of it done before 9:30am (one of the perks of living in a small town I suppose). So I drove into Waterloo and went to tan. I was early so the big super duper VIP bed, that is never open when I'm there, was open (oh it must be my lucky day). I'm not sure how I'm ever going to be able to tan in a regular bed again, that was heavenly.
Then I ran to the mall, I had just a couple stops there. I was enjoying the leisurely pace that I had set, as opposed to my normal 100 mph pace, but I kept having this strange sensation that I was being watched. From the mall I headed over the LA Nails and put my name on the list for a pedicure & manicure. As I was waiting I picked up my voice mails and my friend Shari advised me that she had been watching me wander around the mall while she was in getting her hair cut (I told you I was being watched!). I added her name to the list and told her to come soak her feet with me. We had such a nice time, relaxing in the massage chairs & being pampered. By the time we were done the rain had stopped and the sun came out. Afterwards we ran up to Carlos for lunch. The whole day was so impromptu and so relaxing. I got home in time relax a little and catch up on my emails before I had to pick up my kids.
I feel so rejuvenated and relaxed it is wonderful. I hear my kids giggling from the tv room, I'm going to go snuggle on the couch and watch Jeff Dunham with them. The perfect end to the perfect day. Thanks to everyone who enhanced my enjoyment of today.... ;-)

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