Thursday, May 1, 2008

Things I learned from my Grandma

Re birth: Occasionally we would find a caterpillar and make him a home in a glass jar with holes poked in the metal lid. Eventually it would make a cocoon and then become a beautiful monarch butterfly.

Pies made with meringue topping set to cool on the back porch some how always ended up with finger holes poked in the top.

Relaxation: I remember sitting on Grandma’s lap, in her brown upholstered rocking chair. Playing I spy or 20 questions. Or just rocking.

I remember walking to the creek to get mud especially for mud pie. Then we would “cook” them out back, the holes in cinder blocks serving as our oven.

Molasses cookies (with the crackle tops of course).

The huge garden out back and eating peas right out of the pod in the back yard.

Imagination: Seems like we were always creating something. Fabric paint on towels and pillow cases. Sewing clothes for my dolls on her old black sewing machine, embroidery, potato stamps with temper paint.

Exploration: I use to love to pillage thru the little attic spaces upstairs, I don’t know that this was grandma’s favorite past time as I always found things I wanted to drag downstairs. Like the big metal doll house, how unsafe would that be deemed today? And the picture books with photos of puppies and kittens dressed in clothes. Oh how I wish I had those books now.

There was a little table beside her rocking chair that held a small collection of books on birds and trees and butterflies. So old and well used that their spines were held together with scotch tape.

Nutrition: Minute steak and mashed potatoes and creamed peas and peaches and pies. I don’t think she ever made a one course meal.

In the basement under the steps was our safe haven during tornado warnings. Grandpa would stand and watch the sky out the basement door while grandma sat with me under the steps reading books.

Pink: My pink hair brush from Avon. And the brick that she covered in pink terry cloth that I stood on so I could reach the sink to brush my teeth.

Grandma’s aprons.

Animal kindness: Cats always seem to be lurking around the back door. I don’t ever remember petting them but they knew Grandma would feed them.

Birthday cakes were a big deal, she use to put them on this platform that spun around and played happy birthday (I have that now but have not used it for my own kids. I need to do that). I also have a set of metal mixing bowls and measuring cups that were hers. I love cooking for my family with the same utensils that grandma used.

Neighborly: Walking down to Dingles to see his miniatures. I can’t remember how many times we did this but seemed like we always noticed something new.

Recycle: Grandma had a loom set up in her kitchen where she would make rugs from old rags and even bread wrappers! I use to love to sit at that big old thing and run the peddles and slide the shuttle cock back and forth. I imagine she had to un do my mess many a time.

Wild flowers: holly hocks beside the garage and violets on the window sill.

Godspeed Grandma.

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