Friday, June 27, 2008

the long and winding road (dum dum) to your......

Or more appropriately: the long and rambling blog post...

[This post started out on like Thursday and I'm just now getting around to finishing it up. I got side tracked with everything going on in my life, ah the chaos. I frequently remind myself though, it could be worse. Better chaos than nothing. Better to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends that keep me busy than to be lonely.]

I try very hard to be honest at all times and I'm a realist, sometimes to fault. I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. There is no “between the lines” with me, if I say something that's what I mean. You will find no hidden message if you play it backwards. That being said I will admit to a lot of gray areas. I'm entitled to change my mind
or plead the 5th or be wishy washy on certain things, but you'll know it, you won't have to guess, lol! (Republican today, democrat tomorrow!)

I'm also honest about my limitations. I'm able to admit what I can't do and I don't minimize what I can do just to elicit praise. Admitting my weaknesses hasn’t always been easy for me but as I get older I’ve found that just comes with being realistic about who you are. The experience I have has taught me it's easier to be who I am than who I am not. Even if I’m not entirely sure who that is some days. Lol!

This is who I am today: I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I'm a friend, I’m a photographer, I’m a good advice giver and a bad advice taker, I’m an optimist (even when I have to work at it). I am all of these things today but who knows about tomorrow. A few of those things may change. Some of those things may never change.

The following excerpt comes from Natalie’s blog. Some how she managed to say what I was feeling. Not surprising, as she has a way with words. Thanks Natty!

"After much thought, meditation and soul searching I have come to the conclusion that I am who I am and I can no longer feel guilty about that. When I think about the people I want to spend time with I do it because those people illicit something in me that makes me feel good. When it comes to what makes me happy, how I want to live my day to day life, what I see in my minds eye for myself in the future...I find I surround myself with people who inspire me. People who are driven, passionate and people who are caring and loving and people who are true to themselves and God and people who aren't afraid to take a chance on faith and karma and believing in something greater than themselves. These kinds of people are my people and I don't want to lessen their involvement in my life, in fact, I have to increase their involvement in my life.

I truly believe that everything we do, everything that happens to us, everything that we are is for a reason and not just a chance fluke. I believe everyone who comes into my life, weather they come for a brief moment, stay for a long while or go, came into my life for a specific purpose and has fulfilled or is fulfilling their purpose for me as I am fulfilling it for them.

I guess this means that I then also have to accept that it doesn't always end in a 'happy ending'... but that's the beauty of it...I am who I am because it always hasn't."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

Dan's favorite class from last weeks summer enrichment was Origami. I wanted him to take the power point class but no he insisted upon Origami. I have all these various colored paper bunnies around my house.

I had made a note on the white board on the fridge "paint black star". The big metal star on the front of my house had a hard winter and i wanted to put a fresh coat of paint on it before the 4th. Dan took it upon himself to modify my note in a way only a true guitar hero would. Oh this made me laugh!

Poor Wav hasn't been getting much blog time lately. She's having a great summer! She and Grandma have been spending their days lounging around, shopping a little, going out for lunch, going to the pool, just doing girl things. I look at her in all her new summer attire and am reminded how quickly she is growing up (do i say that all the time?).

I've been neglectful of many things this weekend in an attempt to get my head back on track. To regain some of the lost order in my life. And I must say as I sit here, the setting sun streaming through my crab apple trees and the breeze blowing through my window, I'm feeling very much mentally rested and once again in control...... I got the best email from my mother today, it said

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says
'Oh shit.... she's awake!!'

Friday, June 20, 2008


look. can you see it? The post i just typed about how monotony is going to drive me mad. A few people may know I'm notorious for typing & deleting and typing & deleting as I'm trying to say what i mean. So today my gift to you is not to post my rant about monotony and how i fear it may be my demise.

Your welcome!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Introducing Lola!

We drove up to DeBerg farms early this morning to meet Natalie. She had made the decision to buy a puppy from Kevin's brother Brent. He had two left and they were both adorable! This little girl was just as sweet and cute as can be! We had an impromptu father's day lunch with most of the clan and enjoyed the afternoon outside.
Welcome to the family Lola!

North Cedar Flood

Tom's folks were evacuated on Monday from their home in North Cedar due to the record flooding in that area. We never imagined it could be this bad. We were finally able to drive in on Thursday night with Tom's Bronco (I never thought I'd be glad that it sits so obnoxiously high). Tom made two trips bringing his family in so we could survey the damage. The smell was horrible, there was slimy sticky mud every where. It had gotten about knee deep on her main floor so pretty much everything was ruined. Tom and his family spent Friday & Saturday moving everything out of the house and 90% of that went into the garbage heap. Imagine living in a home 40 years and driving away with only two pick truck loads left... Fema responded very quickly, by Saturday she had had two visits from them with a third yet to come. Thankfully they and their dog are all safe and living in their motor home for the time being. It will be a long haul but their spirits are as good as can be expected.
On a lighter note (because Dan always has something funny to say), Thursday night on Tom's last trip out he gave a ride to a family of four that had been working on their house and need a lift across the still high water. They all piled into the Bronco as Dan hoped in the back. As we are driving through the water with these nice people dan say "Well, we've never picked up hitch hikers before!". Oh my Dan, always the comedian.

Summer Enrichment @ Price Lab School

Monday was Dan's first day of Summer Enrichment at PLS. He was cool as a cucumber. I was a nervous wreak. It was like dropping him off for kindergarten all over again. We went in and found his class room and met his teacher and then I left. I left my baby in a big unfamiliar building where he knew no one. I was so anxious to pick him up and hear how his day went. They were doing new things everyday all revolving around ecology. They took field trips, they tested water, they went kayaking. Mike Noble, an ecological singer songwriter flew in on Thursday from Maine to teach the kids songs he had written and on Friday we got to see their performance. Dan & his new friend David rocked out on the guitars! The energy from these kids was amazing! They were all so into it.
On Thursday morning, during the drive over Dan said to me "Mom I love coming here". I've only ever heard Dan say he loves me & Tom so this was a big deal. The fact that he was so engaged in this learning was truly amazing. I don't know how they did it but they did & I hope he remembers that this is what learning can be!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Once a cheater, always a cheater

At the beginning of the year I vowed to chronicle the 3rd of every month. I would take a picture and detail what had, or had not been done on the 3rd. I made it 4 months before I had to cheat. I didn't want to cheat but I had to. Just one month I said, that wasn't bad, one out of twelve.
May 3rd fell on a Saturday & happened to be the Saturday we made funeral arrangements for my Grandma. So I used a photo taken 8 days after the 3rd and I journaled about the 3rd and the few days leading up to it.
Then June rolled around. About mid day on the 4th I realized I'd not taken any pictures the day before. Well, since cheating had worked out so well for me last month, I'd do it again! This time I stuck to the details of the day and was able to pull a photo from a few weeks prior that fit in perfectly (which also made me aware that TO & I eat at hu hot too often (really is there such a thing??))

Friday night Tami & I enjoyed a pitcher of slush, some taco pizza and a little guitar hero. Needless to say I slept like a baby that night. Saturday Mom, Wav & I shopped at Williamsburg. It was such a beautifully sunny day in spite of the heat & humidity. We were able to find a few things we needed and a couple good bargains. Sunday has been a lazy day for all of us. It has stormed all day so we've been stuck in the house. The kids finally headed up to church for the VBS kick off and their first of 5 nights, they were excited! I caught Sarah & Stella napping under the ceiling fan in the dinning room. They can actually lay there without being disturbed by the constant motion that exists when the kids are home.

Wav's first concert

Grandma Sandy got tickets for Wav & I to go see Jordan Pruitt & Drake Bell in concert at Young Arena on Friday May 30th. Waverly was so excited, I was not familiar with either of these performers but I was excited for Waverly to be going to her first concert! We got there at 4:45 and there were kids lined up down the front steps of Young. Doors opened a little after 5 and we headed in. We stopped to get a t shirt first then discussed where we should sit. It was general admission and Wav decided she wanted to brave the crowd and stand on the floor down front. We started out about 4 people from the front. Waverly wasn't sure about all the people and the pushing, but she did stay firm and held her place among all the little girls. It was a long wait but finally Jordan took the stage. She was very Disney-pop-star and the girls went crazy!! Jumping up and down when she sang "jump to the rhythm". Singing along to most of the songs. By the second song Wav had worked her way up to the front, she would peak back at me with this big smile on her face. Finally she decided she was ready to sit (& eat) about 3/4 of the way through Jordan's set. So we walked up and got a pretzel and sat up top to watch the rest. We did wander back down on the floor right before Drake Bell came on. I don't know what I was expecting but his band came on stage and they were cute twenty-something boys (I'm guessing) and then he came on in a dark suit, skinny black tie and black framed glasses and sounded (and looked) like Buddy Holly to me! We stood for three or four of his songs but I could tell Wav was getting tired. We decided to head out about 8:45pm. It's these moments that remind me that she is still a little girl & I love that. I'm in no hurry for her to grow up....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

McGrady-Beach Farewell

We honored Pastor Randy McGrady-Beach and his family today with an open house. It's hard to say goodbye after 14 years at our church. There is so much I want to say but as I sit here I don't quite know how to say it all. So I'm just going to skip to the pictures.....