Sunday, June 15, 2008

North Cedar Flood

Tom's folks were evacuated on Monday from their home in North Cedar due to the record flooding in that area. We never imagined it could be this bad. We were finally able to drive in on Thursday night with Tom's Bronco (I never thought I'd be glad that it sits so obnoxiously high). Tom made two trips bringing his family in so we could survey the damage. The smell was horrible, there was slimy sticky mud every where. It had gotten about knee deep on her main floor so pretty much everything was ruined. Tom and his family spent Friday & Saturday moving everything out of the house and 90% of that went into the garbage heap. Imagine living in a home 40 years and driving away with only two pick truck loads left... Fema responded very quickly, by Saturday she had had two visits from them with a third yet to come. Thankfully they and their dog are all safe and living in their motor home for the time being. It will be a long haul but their spirits are as good as can be expected.
On a lighter note (because Dan always has something funny to say), Thursday night on Tom's last trip out he gave a ride to a family of four that had been working on their house and need a lift across the still high water. They all piled into the Bronco as Dan hoped in the back. As we are driving through the water with these nice people dan say "Well, we've never picked up hitch hikers before!". Oh my Dan, always the comedian.

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