Sunday, June 8, 2008

Once a cheater, always a cheater

At the beginning of the year I vowed to chronicle the 3rd of every month. I would take a picture and detail what had, or had not been done on the 3rd. I made it 4 months before I had to cheat. I didn't want to cheat but I had to. Just one month I said, that wasn't bad, one out of twelve.
May 3rd fell on a Saturday & happened to be the Saturday we made funeral arrangements for my Grandma. So I used a photo taken 8 days after the 3rd and I journaled about the 3rd and the few days leading up to it.
Then June rolled around. About mid day on the 4th I realized I'd not taken any pictures the day before. Well, since cheating had worked out so well for me last month, I'd do it again! This time I stuck to the details of the day and was able to pull a photo from a few weeks prior that fit in perfectly (which also made me aware that TO & I eat at hu hot too often (really is there such a thing??))

Friday night Tami & I enjoyed a pitcher of slush, some taco pizza and a little guitar hero. Needless to say I slept like a baby that night. Saturday Mom, Wav & I shopped at Williamsburg. It was such a beautifully sunny day in spite of the heat & humidity. We were able to find a few things we needed and a couple good bargains. Sunday has been a lazy day for all of us. It has stormed all day so we've been stuck in the house. The kids finally headed up to church for the VBS kick off and their first of 5 nights, they were excited! I caught Sarah & Stella napping under the ceiling fan in the dinning room. They can actually lay there without being disturbed by the constant motion that exists when the kids are home.

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