Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Enrichment @ Price Lab School

Monday was Dan's first day of Summer Enrichment at PLS. He was cool as a cucumber. I was a nervous wreak. It was like dropping him off for kindergarten all over again. We went in and found his class room and met his teacher and then I left. I left my baby in a big unfamiliar building where he knew no one. I was so anxious to pick him up and hear how his day went. They were doing new things everyday all revolving around ecology. They took field trips, they tested water, they went kayaking. Mike Noble, an ecological singer songwriter flew in on Thursday from Maine to teach the kids songs he had written and on Friday we got to see their performance. Dan & his new friend David rocked out on the guitars! The energy from these kids was amazing! They were all so into it.
On Thursday morning, during the drive over Dan said to me "Mom I love coming here". I've only ever heard Dan say he loves me & Tom so this was a big deal. The fact that he was so engaged in this learning was truly amazing. I don't know how they did it but they did & I hope he remembers that this is what learning can be!

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