Saturday, July 26, 2008


(as always names have been changed to protect their identity. ah heck I do it just for fun!)
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Tina O.(formerly known as Toni O. also knows as, oh never mind) and I headed to Davenport last Saturday to see Ani! I know, twice in 12 months, I'm on a roll! We started with our customary Hu Hot lunch (which was fabulous!) and then headed to Coralville to do a little shopping (we are so predictable!).
I landed three pair of shoes, all on sale! Tina founds some great new jeans and flip flops. It was a pretty nice day for mid July. A little hot and sticky but not too bad.

We got to the Capitol Theatre about 5:30pm and there were maybe 20 people waiting in line. It was a general admission show so we weren't sure what to expect. I tried to stay calm as it dawned on me what great seats we were going to get. Thankfully where we waited outside the theater was shaded and there was an occasional breeze. Tina walked down to get something to eat while I sat and held our prime place in line.

When we walked up there was a gal playing the guitar and singing (you can see her on the right side of this picture). From the back she had her Ani-look down pretty good, even the way she moved. It was nice to have a little entertainment while we waited. You can check out her my space page here: Nikki Lunden.

Ani's bus was parked on the street right in front of us. At one point Allison Miller was crouched down, getting a suitcase out from below the bus, right in front of us!
Of course you always have at least one loud mouth in the crowd (who usually sits very near me, right Tom?) and Saturday was no exception. We dubbed her Ronchita. She was a big ole gal with a shaved head and lots of tattoos (nothing wrong with all of that) but her mouth proceeded her where ever she went. She was loud and obnoxious. She had that look-at-me kind of personality, over the top to say the least.

Finally after just two hours of waiting the doors opened and we were able to go in. We sat on the aisle, forth row from the stage. I was excited, the couple that sat down next to me was excited, we had great seats! Mel & Tonya joined us within the hour and we waited for Natalia Zukerman to start the show. She was fabulous! You can check out one of the songs she did that night here: Natalia Zukerman.

As fate would have it Ronchita sat exactly two rows in front of us. Running her mouth through all of Natalia's songs. Up & down, grinding on all of her "friends", yelling across the theater how much she loved her bitches. All we were hoping for is that she would sit her big ass down when Ani came on and enjoy the show.

When Ani came on stage people started to move down front, they filled up the front to the left us then started filling the center aisle. Ronchita of course had to dance and sway with her beer sloshing around the whole time, so poor Tina had a terrible view. We ended up standing about 2/3 of the way through.

Ani was great, her band was great. She did Unrequited which is one of my favorites and Every State Line.

It was pouring rain when we left the theater, thankfully we had prime parking directly across the street. The torrential rain slowed us down going home and the lightning show was amazing! But we made it back, safe and sound. Until next time Ani.......

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