Friday, July 4, 2008

Birthday Bus Party!!!

All names have been changed to protect their identity (and I found a bar napkin with aliases written on it in my purse this morning)

This morning I stumbled down the steps, blurry eyed, still humming NKOTB (thank you Betty E.) in search of something to ease my pounding head. I opened the curtains to see the annual 5k racers jogging past my house and was reminded of Larry Miller and the infamous 5 stages of drinking..... (if you don't know them you've got to check them out, then the rest of this will be funnier)

Level One
Here is our birthday girl Betty E. early in the evening, eyes open, sober-ish smile.

Our very stylish ride for the evening! We were truly "exceptional"!

Toni O & me. That's my I've-had-a-little-too-much-to- drink smile, lol!!
Level Two
"Hey! I'm out with my friends! What am I working for anyway? These are the good times!"
Martha I. Josie B. and Amy M. No, I said show me your button Josie!!

Level Three
At level three you get drinking fantasies. Toni O was filling Chaz in on our idea for a very lucrative venture into Internet por.... oh never mind.... You can see that Toni's arm is slightly wet. At one point Martha I. asked for water coyote ugly style and Jefferson gave her just that!

You can not put a bunch of drunk girls on a bus and not expect someone to get mooned!

Level Four
And now you're thinking, "Our bartender is the best looking man I've ever seen." Thank goodness Jefferson got there when he did! He was a lot of fun and kept the Malibu & pineapple coming. He really worked for those tips!
Betty E. and Me. Again with the cheesy smile.

Toni O. and Amanda C. They couldn't resist sticking their heads through those holes!!

Martha I. made snacks!
Ever helpful Martha I.

Level Five
Betty E. towards the end of the night, eyes closed, drunk smile. Definitely level five. I think I finished that drink for her!

What a fabulous night with great friends!

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Anonymous said...

How funny! I've so enjoyed your little adventure.