Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rockin' two bowls

You never know where great advice is going to come from. Last night we were given the keys to life by a couple very tall, very hungry, very drunk young men while waiting on line at hu hot. He said "Dude two things in life you have to do. You have to rock 1080 HD TV and rock two bowls at hu hot" and then he walked away with his heaping plate of fabulous Hu Hot food.

We had a lovely Saturday evening! Tom & I went over to play with M&A about 4:30pm. How is it those boys get cuter each time I see them! They are so happy and giggly, we had a great time playing (oh and they actually pay attention to me when I don't take my kids with me!). Then the four if us headed out to met Tami and Raji & Ado at Hu Hot. Jason has been patiently waiting to eat at Hu Hot and I'm pleased to say he was not disappointed! Since it was his first time I don't believe he was brave enough to rock two bowls, but maybe next time!

By the time we left my checks hurt from laughing so much! What a great bunch of friends we have!!


did i mention Jason is my #1 blog fan!!!


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