Monday, September 29, 2008

Unphotographable - Getting gas

This is a photo I did not take. A truck with a huge Kum & Go sign loaded on the back getting gas at Kwik Star.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


That's all you're going to get tonight. Boys. I'm sad to say I don't know the exactly year this picture was taken. I'm not near as good at dating my photos as my Grandma Bowen was. If I had to guess I would say 96 or 97. Hard to believe more than 10 years has past and these little guys are all grown up now. Or rather they think they are all grown up!

Then there is my little guy.... He is quick with that smile! We were celebrating my MIL's birthday tonight so we all got to enjoy a cupcake cake from Target. They are becoming a family tradition!

Well we are off in less than 36 hours. Gosh it seems like only yesterday we were months away and now here it is! YEAH!! I'm so ready for a vacation... bon voyage!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gilda said it best

I’m depressed
I gained weight
My face broke out
I’m nauseous
I’m constipated
My feet swelled
My gums are bleeding
My sinus are clogged
I got heartburn
I’m cranky
And I got gas

Rosanne rosannadanna

(thanks Mo, i needed that today!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday Night Football

Derick is a Sophomore this year at AP. #57. I believe this game ended with a score of forty something to nothing. Go Falcons!

the rest of the weekend

Once it stopped raining Saturday morning we realized we still had issues because now we were camped in the muddiest spot in Pine Lake. My ideal spot with the great view was also nicely shaded so it had the least amount of grass. So we moved down 4 spots next to Tom's folks. We sacrificed our "view" for cleanliness!
The rest of Saturday was perfect! Tom's Dad made us a fantastic breakfast of pancakes, eggs and sausage. Wav and I got a shower and we spent the rest of the morning lazing around, reading and relaxing. My folks and the Niedert's showed up mid afternoon and Uncle Brian and Waverly headed off to fish. They are really best buds. He is so patient with her, teaching her to fish and talking to her about just about anything she wants to talk about. By the end of the night she was casting like a pro!
About 4 or so I decided I was ready to try my hand at fishing. I attempted to bait my own hook which left me with worm guts all over my shirt! I caught a couple little "bait" fish at first, I was thrilled with those. But then I got a real fish. I hooked a bass! I was all excited, showing off my fish before Tom pointed out that I might want to keep a lower profile as I wasn't exactly legal (what's the statue of limitation on that?).

We cooked up a big dinner for everyone and enjoyed sitting around the camp fire until late in the evening. Our 10x10 awing with rope lighting worked out great, it's a nice addition to our pop up. What in the world did we do before we got the pop up? What are we going to do once it's too cold to camp? I can't imagine, lol!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A New Twist

The term Spanish water torture is used in Europe and the UK, this term often refers to a variation of waterboarding used during the Spanish Inquisition.

"Victims were strapped down so that they could not move, and cold water was then dripped slowly on to a small area of the body. The forehead was found to be the most suitable point for this form of torture: prisoners could see each drop coming, and after long durations were gradually driven frantic as an increasing hollow would form in the centre of the forehead."

Now let's put a new twist on that! Let's pack four people into a box. Say a box made of, oh I don't know, fiber glass and canvas. Yes that will do nicely. Now instead of one drop let's use a lot of drops. And let's not make it a slow drip, let's make it a lot of drips, all very random and for a very long time. Like say 14 or 15 hours. Surly this will drive them crazy!

I can say I survived this kind of madness and I lived to tell about it! Another hour or two and I surely would have been pushed over the edge. But thankfully about 7:30am yesterday morning the rain stopped and we were able to come out of "our box". The rest of our weekend was prime camping! Absolutely the best camping we've done (ok I know this is only our 3rd time out this year but it was really good). I'll post some pictures later......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Absent Blogger Returns!

Can you see me standing high on a hill, my hands on my hips, my crazy curly hair blowing out behind me along with my pink cape marked with a big shinny sliver B! The return of Absent Blogger, the Internet's most sporadic super hero!!!!! TADA!!!!! ok enough of that....

I've been so neglectful of my blog. My deepest apologies. Sometimes I don't have anything to say (yes that happens to me occasionally) but lately I've been so busy doing fun stuff and enjoying the weather (and the couch once in a while) that I just haven't been on line! So let me catch you up!
Labor Day weekend we took our beloved pop up on it's maiden voyage. We drove up to Ackley Saturday morning and set up next to the Niederts. Oh we love our pop up! It worked out wonderfully. My folks came up that evening for dinner and we all enjoyed sitting around the camp fire. I quite enjoyed a weekend of doing nothing. I laid around, napped, chatted with the fam, essentially did nothing, it was great!

We eat better when we are camping than we do when we are at home!

My crazy lovable brother in law!

The older boys were teach Dan tricks, good thing he's not quite strong enough yet!

Boys on one side, girls on the other. Dan crawled up to cuddled with Tom Sunday morning.

This past Friday we all headed out to Mo & Dan's place. It is absolutely beautiful out there and only 12 miles from my house!! They had a ton of friends over and a wonderful feast for us all. I enjoyed catching up with some friends I hadn't seen in a long time. Saturday Jake, Lexi & Haley came to visit. Oh their folks came along too! I'm so in love with these three kids! They are all just adorable and so personable. We had dinner and made s'more out back around the fire ring.
Sunday Waverly and Cade K. got their Bibles during church. It is tradition in our church to present the 3rd graders with new Bibles. Of course Waverly had a whole video crew there. I had my camera and Dan and Grandma both video taped it, lol!

**Please no hate mail for the following pictures. We've taught the kids gun safety from day one and they are never unsupervised. Target shooting is something we all enjoy and is something my family has always done.*****

Later that afternoon we all went out to an undisclosed location in Tama county to do some shooting. It was a beautiful day to be on top of a hill in the middle of corn fields. I hadn't been shooting in so long, we sure had a good time!

There is just something funny about these two guys on a four wheeler!

These are the close range targets. Both suspects were thoroughly dead.