Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dan & Wav

The sappy mother in me is probably going to come out in this post, consider that your warning, lol! If you searched my blog for the words "they are growing up too quickly" you would find numerous occurrences! It's like my mantra these days and these pictures are proof of it. Where did my babies go? Who are these nice young people that have been left in their place? Now don't get me wrong they still fight and they are more bull headed well, than I am. And they have a knack for driving me insane, but today was not one of those days, so we'll revel in their goodness today. They are kind, oh so smart, compassionate, eager to lend a helping hand, ironically funny and incredibly loving. I couldn't have asked for two better kids!

After yesterdays pictures I could not resist getting a few shots of my kids against that beautiful fall back drop. And we had to throw some goofy ones in there too.

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Kim said...

I know where you found your precious babies but where do you find your precious shooting sites?

They grow up waaayyy too fast Rachael. If you find a way to make them stop, let me know :0)