Sunday, November 9, 2008

weekend update

It still amazes me how much I can squeeze into a weekend. We had quite a roller coaster of events this weekend. Friday we sadly attended the visitation for Tom's step grandmother who passed away earlier in the week.

Saturday morning we rushed out the door & headed to Grundy to help Jodi with Claire's 7th birthday party. I've never seen so many little girls in party dresses. It was a "tea party" so 15 first grade girls came in their frilly dresses & then Jodi decked them out further with feather boas, sparkly necklaces and satin gloves. It went very smoothly & every one had a great time. I think the "after" party got the rowdiest!

Saturday afternoon we attended the funeral & burial for Tom's step-grandmother in Cedar Falls. It's funny how God works. After our trip to Panama we had talked a little about maybe looking into doing some mission work. We had so enjoyed our time with the Ember Indians & really wanted to take that further. The soloist at the funeral was absolutely wonderful. So good in fact I was compelled to speak with her after the service to find out more about her, with the hopes of having her visit our church in the near future. I learned that in addition to being wonderful musicians she & her husband were also missionaries in Mexico. We talked for a while about this and I gave her all of my contact information.

After we got back from Panama I had done some searing on line for mission work or "volunteer vacations" but hadn't come across anything that really jumped out at me. How wonderful that this woman was put in my path! I'm eagerly awaiting information about their projects & admittedly I am thinking about the possibility of a mission trip in the future.

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