Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowy Tuesday: Part Two

There seems to be a reoccurring theme here. It's Tuesday. It's snowing. Except this time it's as if someone said "Ok mother nature, that was good but this time do it with more feeling". Thankfully it's not blowing more than it is or it would be really ugly!

I hope you are all enjoying a stress free holiday season, I know I am. Really? Who said that? lol! No I'm fairly stressed & I've all but eliminated any holiday shopping. I guess I can add that back in because it's really not made that much of a difference. I did quite enjoy doing nothing this weekend. Except Saturday I had to have Sully to the vet by 8am, the kids to church by 9am, the kids and I had to be in Waterloo at GMAC to see Santa by 10:30am. Then we took a break and went to Target to get groceries (yeah that was no break). Then we met Suzanne & Tami at Hu Hot for lunch (I broke it to Tami that I think Suzanne has moved above her on their list of favorite people), then I did nothing (after I put away the groceries). I seriously sat on the couch and watched tv (I know gasp) for like three hours. That is unheard of!!

Sunday I got the kids off to Sunday school at 9am, we went to Church about 9:45am. I had a worship committee meeting right after church & then I had to visit a little. We got out of there around noon and had to run to Walmart to pick up a few things (I hate that i can't even buy things i need to live without fighting a crowd this time of year!) Then we came home and I did nothing for about an hour (after I made hamburgers and fresh guacamole for lunch). We were back at church by 6pm for the kids Christmas program. It was really cute and we had a lovely reception after wards (put on by the wonderful & fabulous members of the December service committee! Can you hear the applause?) I promptly fell into bed exhausted about 11pm on Sunday night. What a ride!!!

Here are my good buddies B & C with Claire by the Christmas tree at GMAC.

Sully at 9 weeks old.

Sully & Sarah

Who's going to break it to him that he is not a lap dog?

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