Friday, December 5, 2008

Welcome home Sully!

I can't believe today finally came and we have Sully at home with us! I drove up and picked him up about 3:30pm. He was exhausted in the car. I tried to get him to just lay down on the passengers seat but he wanted to be in my lap. That is probably the last time that will ever happen. Tom was at home waiting for us when we pulled in. We walked over to visit Grandma Bea and of course she had toys already waiting for him. Then we walked back home and got to visit with Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Kevin.

Sarah wasn't sure what to think. Stella just looked at us like "surely you must be joking?". He played for a while, sniffed everything out, then Tom took him up to give him a good scrubbing. He was shivering when they came down stairs so I sat on the couch with him and covered him up with the blanket and he promptly fell asleep. Not just a little asleep but eyes rolled back, mouth open, snoring asleep, it was so cute. Then we got up and went out side and peed. We came in and within a couple minutes headed back out side to poop (what a good boy!!). He played with Sarah and Stella while we had dinner. As soon as Tom sat down to watch tv Sully was up on his lap and sound asleep again! We finally woke him up to play in the hopes that he'll sleep thru the night. He's already fetching the big tennis ball (he can't even get his mouth around it yet). Tom just took him out and he promptly peed again.

He's a genius.

He is such a people dog. If I sit on the floor to play with him, he'll play for a while then he comes over and crawls into my lap (he's very lazy) but he likes to be touching you. Right now he is in my lap with his head on my arm, his head is starting to lean to the side as he falls asleep... Again we've gotten lucky and been blessed with a great dog!

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Kim said...

There is only 1 word that describes that...Awwwwwww!