Friday, January 16, 2009

Font funk

I'm in a font funk. I love fonts, but I hate what I have. Sometimes a serif, sometimes not. Sometimes traditional, sometimes funky. But lately I don't have what I want. It might be helpful if I knew what I wanted I suppose....

What are you favorite fonts?

Ok just one quick Sully picture... he loves this chair but he just isn't going to fit in it pretty soon. He is up to 40lbs. 3 months and 40lbs.


Kim said...

I love fonts to do visit all the freeware font sites, right?! Don't you hate it when you find the best font ever and use it in your email and since everyone else doesn't have that font, it doesn't show up the way you want it to. :(

You have, have, HAVE to buy Sully a new chair :)

Heidi said...

Oh I so need your help. I TRIED to download the Walt Disney handwriting font and it didn't work. You or Kimmie need to come help me get hooked up.