Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Beginnings

This morning during church I was installed as an elder. I'm very excited for this opportunity to serve my church as a member of Session. During the installation one of our traditions is for all current and past elders & deacons to come forward and lay their hands on the member being installed. What a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by my church family like that. To feel their support and love for me.

Also tomorrow is the first day of my new job. After eight years in the cash area I'm moving back into the default world, this time in Loss Mitigation. I'm very excited for a new challenge!

This morning Kevin asked me if I was nervous about tomorrow. I'm not really but I really haven't thought about it that much either. I think I've said this before but I'm finding that I don't put a lot of excess thought into things lately. Last January one of my New Years resolutions was to stop over thinking things. I think I may have over done it, lol! (Leave it to me to over achieve on that one.) I think though, what I've cut out is all the unnecessary over analyzing that I use to do in my head (might be the meds too). I must say, it feels liberating and I certainly feel like my life is on the right track. So obviously my recent decisions have been good ones. (oh wow. I just realized, am I over thinking by hashing this out on line? oh goodness! is this like a hypochondriac that doesn't know they are a hypochondriac they just think they are really really sick all the time???)

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