Saturday, January 17, 2009

What would you risk your life for?

What would you drive through a blizzard for?

I've never seen as many cars in the ditch as I did today. And not just in the ditch but upside down in the ditch. A few years ago Tom & I drove to Chicago a day or so after a terrible ice storm and I remember seeing all the cars still in the ditches from a day or two before. This was different because many of these cars still had their engines running & their tires spinning. At one point we were routed up the exit and then back onto the highway because of a semi that was across the road. Thankfully we had a very experience driver at the wheel! And had no real trouble ourselves. Other than the strange smells, I don't know what that was all about.

So I guess unknowingly we risked our lives for a camper. I know, initially it doesn't seem like it would be worth it, but it's a heck of a nice camper and we got a great deal! I'm super excited!! It was in wonderful condition. Now I'm even more ready for spring!!!

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Kim said...

Nice move up from the Super 8 to the Hyatt!!!