Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby R

I met the most amazing family today! I feel honored to have been invited into their hospital room to share an hour with them and their beautiful new baby boy!

I knew I wasn't going to have much time to play with them this weekend so I put together this quick little video, make sure your volume is turned up. (Laura & Devin I just couldn't make you wait, hope you like it, congratulations.)

He is absolutely beautiful.


Rhiannon said...

What beautiful photos of a beautiful baby and family! Certainly I am a bit partial to both the photographer and family, but the mother and son photos were the best I have ever seen! This makes me want to have another baby around, but I know three others in my house who would think otherwise! Congrats Rachael on some beautiful photos and congrats R family on a beautiful addition.

Timothy and Allison Peet said...

What gorgeous photos that reflect a wonderful new family! The song fits perfectly too. Those photos are so precious as they don't stay this little for long! Thank you so much for sharing.

Nicole* said...

Rachael-- this was wonderful-- what neat ideas you come up with!