Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thirty six.
Thirty six is closer to forty than thirty five was. And much further away from thirty. But I think I'm ok with it now. I'm trying to embrace thirty six. Some things are changing in my life, things that will make thirty six memorable.
Already this year has gone smoothly and been full of good things and good people. I've met some wonderful families, three to be exact. I have some fun things to look forward to this summer like camping in the new camper, both of my kids attending Summer enrichment and most notably a photo project that I'm going to be doing in August.
So bring it on thirty six, I'm ready.


Shari said...

That's a beautiful pic of you. Love it.

Kim said...

I have to agree with Shari, love the new pic!
I thought my life was going to be over when I turned 20(yeah i know, ridiculous) but I couldn't get over leaving my teen years and here I am at 43 thinking what a fabulous life I'm having, inclusive of all the ups and downs. It only gets better Rach, that's my point, I guess :)