Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The adolescent years

Meet my adolescent Sully. Doesn't this photo scream "I don't fit here!". He's got a funny look on his face. His ears are all cockeyed. He's finally started to shed so he's loosing that downy puppy softness. His lips are growing. He falls down the steps every so often (there is nothing scarier than the sound of all that dog rolling down the steps). There is actually a strip of hair down his back that almost looks curly. He is the epitome of a teenage boy! If I came home and he had on a black leather spiked collar and had pierced his nose I would not be surprised!!!

But oh do we love our boy! He sleeps in between us at night, under the covers no less. And if you don't let him under the covers he will rub his cold wet nose along your back until you do! He still lays on his Dora the Explorer bean bag chair in the tv room, though he can only get about 1/2 of his body on it. Today someone had thrown it over in the corner so there he sat facing the wall all by himself because he insisted on laying on Dora! He and Sarah wrestle until she can't take it any longer, it's a good thing she's little or we'd have broken furniture.

They are just about the best dogs ever.

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Kim said...

OMGosh how I feverishly await the Sully pic updates. Love the story line too Rach!! Bravo!!