Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The letter R

I was so tired Monday night by the time I got home I had vowed I was going to bed early. I had been up earlier than normal that morning. I worked through my lunch and it felt like I had rushed around all day. After work I ran up to tan, as did everyone else in Blackhawk county. I've never seen my beloved Tan World so backed up! So of course by the time I got into my favorite bed it had to be at least 9000 degrees in there. I laid there sweating profusely for 12 minutes, the whole time trying to figure out why in the hell we put ourselves through these regiments. The immediate thought: why do we spend our hard earned money to lay naked in a little coffin sized oven to brown our skin? What about this process is enjoyable? Yet it is.

Then I broadened my scope. I run from my bed to the shower, the whole time trying to get the kids up and at it. Then I run to the car and its off to work. If I don't work through my lunch I try to run in to tan or run to my photo lab (God bless Sara who always has a smile on her face when I come in) or squeeze in doctor and dentist appointments. Then after work I run to the Y two nights a week, or I run to church meetings or I run to Target or Walmart. Once I'm home I need to pick up the house and do laundry or help the kids with school projects or sew on girl scout badges or play with my four legged kids. Then after 8 or so I try to sit down at the computer to catch up with the world or work on photos or a little digital scrap booking or even blog. And if I'm really lucky I can be in bed by 9:30 or so and read my book for an hour. Then in a short 7 hours it starts all over again.

At a recent doctor's appointment (and I use the word doctor loosely) I recounted all of the things that I am responsible for and all that I do. She said to me "Do you ever do anything for yourself?" I looked at her and was puzzled. Didn't she just hear me list all of things I do. And I said to her "Sure I do. All of those things that I just mentioned I do for myself." I don't think she bought it but it's true. I do them all because I like to. No one forces me to do any of those things, I've chosen them all. I enjoy a clean house so I clean. I enjoy being tan and going to the Y and serving my church and being creative. I get real satisfaction from my job at GMAC and from being a photographer (and I used the term photographer loosely, lol!). I love it when I can help my kids pull together really great projects or sell 134 boxes of cookies. Or when I lend a hand or even just an ear to a friend. That's me!

Anyway, originally I was just going to post this layout, whoops. I did this Monday night (i was up until 11pm!!). I opened the template (you can get the templates at two peas) and just started throwing in pictures. I'm a sucker for groupings like this. Hope you like it!!!

Today's post is brought to you by the letter R! Who doesn't love Sesame Street?

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