Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pine Lake Weekend

I love just hanging out in my camper, I'm really kind of an inside girl anyway! And luckily all three of my dogs love taking naps!

We had kind of an eventful weekend! Sully sprouted a huge bump on his shoulder Friday afternoon. We ended up driving him into the vet at 7:30am Saturday morning (thanks doc!) for a shot and meds. If it doesn't go down by mid week he'll have to have it removed in the office. No one is really sure even what it is but it doesn't bother him at all thankfully.

The kids each crashed on their bikes this weekend and walked away with some good road rash. Our camping neighbors lost their two year old son about 7:30pm on Saturday night so we all helped them search the camp ground. He was found about 15 minutes later, way down by the spill way, fishing all by himself. We were all relieve.

Sunday morning Brian was running his mouth (which is not unusual) about being able to out run Sha (who had a pretty sucessful track season this year). I made him put is money where his mouth is and race her (short distance mind you). We were cracking up as he "warmed up" by jumping straight up and down and stetching. And I'll be damed if he didn't win the race! He is way faster than I gave him credit for!!!! I think my mom captured it on video so I may get that posted yet!

The weather was absolutly perfect all weekend and we all had a great time! But how is it a weekend of doing very little can be so exhausting? I came home, quickly unloaded the camper and took a shower and could not help but lay down for an hour or two...

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