Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We were kindly invited over for a most wonderful Thanksgiving dinner this year. There is nothing like great food, a big noisy family and guns to celebrate all that we are thankful for!

In all seriousness this was probably the best Thanksgiving meal I've had in a long time.

Our helpless Thanksgiving targets.

The identities of those involved in our after dinner target practice have been obscured so as to protect their reputation as good upstanding responsible citizens of this great state.


Halloween 2009

I think everyone knows how much i love Halloween. I make no bones about it. For the last couple years i have implemented a few Halloween rules. The first being the costume must be scary. No more princesses or knights. Those days are over. And you must go out in full costume! Make-up, hair, clothes, you must have the full package. Dan fought me a little bit this year, I kept telling him to "trust me". Wav on the other hand knows better, she just let me work my magic! I figure this is probably about the last year for this... sniff, sniff....

The two little tourist thought the Wiggles were awesome! They were so excited about the Wiggles they didn't even care about the candy!

The last Camping weekend of 2009

No it was not recently. But I'm finally getting around to updating my blog. During these cold and snowy days these pictures are bringing back some great memories.

We enjoyed our last camping trip on the weekend of 10/16/09 and as i recall it was very very cold that weekend. We were double and triple layered with what ever we had on hand for sweatshirts and jackets. It was a rare weekend where we actually needed the heat of the campfire.