Sunday, May 23, 2010

a day in Robinett history May 2003

Take special note of a few things here. Wav is still shorter than Dan. Notice Wav's snazzy outfit. An orange Halloween t-shirt (in May), red & white checked capri pants, and a pink headband with green stitching on it. And Dan's batman t-shirt is showing his belly and his bangs or horribly crooked (maybe Wav had cut them, i can't really remember) Really? Who let them dress like this?

Funny thing is i don't see any of that when i look at these photos. I just see two adorable kids who loved each other dearly and truly still do.

Oh yeah i also see my beautiful new carpet and gorgeous original woodwork. But that's a whole other post. I bet it was cool too because the central air was probably on. [sigh]. 

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Denise said...

The first thing I notice about those two are their eyes. How in the world did they get so lucky to have those gorgeous eyes? You've got great kids.