Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Four Years OLD!!!!

Hard to believe these little guys are Four!!! They had so much fun at their birthday party last week. You can see in one picture Mason's (or Alex's, i need to stat making notes who wore what) feet are off the chair as he unwraps his gifts! And so very polite, thanking everyone. I enjoyed catching up a bit with the Droste's and the Snyder's that evening. I always feel fortunate when i get to spend time with these two wonderful families.

{as i was sitting her looking through these pictures it dawned on me that had i remembered my sped-lite they would have been so much better. Let this be a lesson: my pop up flash is severely insufficient. live and learn.}

This is your Word of the day for today December 20, 2010:
[lahy-bul]  noun
1. Defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
2. Anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.

Monday, December 6, 2010

creatively impotent

this is killing me. not literally. well not yet anyway... this will be day 7 in bed. it doesn't seem like it's been 7 days as i've been asleep for so much of it. but when i'm awake i've enjoyed laying here (under my snuggie of course) surfing all of my favorite crafty web sites that i don't normally have time to enjoy. i've amassed a list of craft projects i want to do. except i want to do them now! i'm starting to get a little impatient. i want to feel better and be able to see straight enough to get going on some of these projects. i'm seriously like 20 feet from my fabulous craft room and it might as well be 8 miles away, all up hill,  for all the good it's doing. i want to hold my crop-a-dile in my hand and punch holes in my soon to be 2011 coaster calendar. i want to get glue on my fingers from creating my 7gypies shadow box with all of my family pictures. i want to have glitter on my yoga pants from creating my Christmas cards with the great new stamp i bought with Heidi at Archiver's. but alas, here i sit. Loopy and sleepy and unable to create.

creatively impotent. (lol, that's the drugs talking there!)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

the snuggie

I'm going to pick up as though I've never been gone. Does that work for you? Great!

So this would be day number 5 in bed. I have never been this incapacitated in my life. It's humbling. I like to think i run the show around here on a regular basis. I like to think that I'm the only one really qualified to do it. I have been proven wrong. So so wrong. Mr. Robinett has stepped up and taken over and let me tell you he's done a damn fine job. Tonight he came upstairs and we laid in bed together for a while (with our respective laptops granted, we weren't actually going to talk or anything like that, lol). I of course was wrapped in my beloved Iowa Hawkeye snuggie and i could see that he was eying it.
     Mrs R "Are you jealous? Do you want me to get you a snuggie"
     Mr R "I am jealous. I want to be inside your snuggie with you. I miss you. I miss being close to you."
     (i might be paraphrasing slightly the vicodin makes me a bit fuzzy). i'm also leaving out the part where i get
     misty eyed and tell him how great he's been. You all know i'm softie already!

That's what i love! That's the bond that 20 years gives us. The fact that even though we've been in the same house for the past 5 days and geographically together because I've been so out of it we haven't been emotionally together. Because I've been in so much pain we haven't snuggled at night like normal. Because i haven't been participating in the normal day to day operation we haven't share those daily touches that are so automatic we don't even notice them, until they aren't there.
It's a weird feeling for me to know that I'm not the only one that can run The Robinett Show. But not weird bad. Weird because now i have to admit to myself that i don't have to do it all. It's been surreal for me to lay up here, in and out of awareness hearing my household continue on below me, without me. The kids got to grandmas on time in the morning. No body peed on the floor (you know like sadie or murph cause sarah would never). All of our obligations have been met. And honestly there has probably been less yelling (because the main yeller is upstairs in bed!!! I'll admit it!). So on goes The Robinett Show with it's interim leader because i may be down for the moment but I'll be back!!!